Global vision and strategy

Auto Recycling Group is a global company specialising in the recycling of End Of Life (ELV) vehicles both in Australia and worldwide. We are the parent to a range of other ARG brands, including Total Auto Recycling, Auto Recycling Services India, Auto Recycling Services China, Auto Recycling Services Australia and Jolly’s Auto Parts. We are also the heart of the It Matters To You (#imtu) social movement and campaign, which aims to bring awareness to the damage that inappropriate disposal of ELV’s is causing to our environment.

Our Mission

The mission of Auto Recycling Group is to create a central home and consistent standard for auto recycling business worldwide. We want to be a recognised brand, and our business practices to be held accountable for ensuring our social responsibility to our community and to the environment.

We have recognised a worrying trend in the auto wrecking and recycling industry of unsavoury processes and methods which are having a detrimental impact on our environment. The production of vehicles is one of the largest manufacturing sectors on earth, but there has been very little consideration of what happens to the car when it is no longer of use. Vehicles are complex to recycle, as they are made up of many different materials. They require an extensive and expensive process to be broken down and sorted properly. Others in the industry have traditionally cut corners to save on outgoings, and many do not have the capital to invest in the required machinery and equipment to appropriately process all materials.

Where it all started

Auto Recycling Group has grown from ‘All Jap Auto Parts’ in 1984, to what it is has become now, an industry leader in auto recycling worldwide.

‘All Jap Auto Parts’ specialised in second-hand parts for Japanese makes and models. The year 2000 saw the business transform into ‘Jolly Rodgers’, a self-service pick-a-part yard for all makes and models. In 2005, Total Auto Recyclers grew from the need for car depollution and expanded even further over the next 10 years. In 2010, ‘Jolly Rodgers’ evolved into ‘Jolly’s’ with an even greater emphasis on reusing and recycling car parts. The last two years have seen the businesses work together under the Auto Recycling Group framework expanding into regional Victoria and overseas in India and China.

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